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48 Wash Care labels | Fabric content label | CE Labels

€ 21,95
48 Wash Care labels | Fabric content label | CE Labels
Wash care labels are designed for labelling garments so that your customers care for your products the way you intended.

Fibre content labelling in apparel and textiles is mandatory in most countries in the world. The basis of such regulations is that the label includes country of origin, information on the main fibre types used and their percentages and washing instructions. To meet the needs of a fast growing international industry, our service is supporting the international labeling system.

- easily create your own Care Labels.
- options include: your logo, garment size, CE-marking (EU-93/465/EEG), keep away from fire,
- may be washed, dry cleaned and machine dried (Jersey)
- cut and sealed with laser

or opt for: Tab style Sew-In seam labels with logo and care instructions.

Front side:
Text: Limit:
Text colour:
Dry Cleaning:
Quantity:   X 48 Labels Usually ships within 1-2 working days Express Service
Will be shipped on Monday 25th September 2023
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